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Branding . Poster . Print Design

In the new theatre play of the company “Pé no Palco”, “Agreste”, directed by Fatima Ortiz and text by Newton Moreno, eleven actors and musicians act out the story. The play takes place in the brazilian northeastern region, but a story like this could be found in various parts of Brazil or the world. The suppression of the other, the “different” is the main theme of the story, also full of popular and religious references. An epic narrative that focus on the complexity of the relationships.

We’ve developed the entire visual identity of the theatre play, which features typical elements of the brazilian northeast region, such as mandacaru (a specie of cactus) and malvarosa flower, all mixed up with the human element, which in the final set can also be seen as a reinterpretation of the chita fabric, very traditional in that region.

Typography refers to woodcutting and Cordel literature.

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Fotos: Edu Camargo | UV Studio

Get to know more:—–agreste/12855/1151/

Curitiba . Brazil . 2016