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• Naming Branding • Strategic Brand Building

Ânimo is a psychiatry and psychology clinic led by a mother and her daughter. The clinic is located in Curitiba.

The Challenge

A psychologist mother and her daughter psychiatric decided to bring together common professional interests to serve their patients with quality and excellence. In addition to the brand, they needed a name for the clinic created together to give more personality and credibility to the place, creating a more professional profile and thus becoming recognized as part of a quality service provider.

The Solution

The first step was the name creation process – Naming.

In addition to in-depth research in the field of psychiatry and psychology, several references cited by clients were gathered. Thus, the research was also based in terms of Buddhism, Latin and Rapa Nui, as they are ancient languages that contain special secrets related to spirituality and human conduct.

After several ideas and a final selection of 9 names, the name “Ânimo” was chosen, which in addition to having a great sound means “Soul” in Latin.

The second stage consisted of the visual creation of the new brand.

One of the ideas was to use the lotus flower and / or the threefold flame in the brand. The lotus flower is a classic symbol of Buddhism, and consequently of mental balance and meditation. The threefold flame represents the vital divine energy that “burns” within our hearts.

This way, the symbol can be seen as a lotus flower, as a triple flame, or even as a meditation pose and as a irradiation of good energies centre, which refers directly to the healing process.

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